Friday, 11 May 2012

More repns of disability (beauchamp)

If you click through to you'll find some useful categories of rep'ns of disability with embedded clips to illustrate the points

SOME ADDITIONAL LINKS: - 'The 'Super-Crip' Phenomenon' [this does seem a widely recognised term, just add single quote marks if using it]
The second disability stereotype that will be explored is “disability as hero by hype”. This stereotype is more commonly referred to as “the super crip” pereception. When not pitied, persons with disabilities are sometimes seen as “heroes,” or in other words, outrageously admired for their “courage” and determination. This stems from the belief that life with a disability must necessarily be horrific and unsatisfying, and as such, we must admire persons with disabilities for being able to live “the way they do.” Much like portraying disability as a form of lesser self-worth (as is often the case with the “disability as pity” stereotype), placing persons with disabilities on a pedestal is another way to denote this social group as “other”. This particular stereotype is also linked to the idea that disability in one area is complimented with superior abilities in another area (for example, the misconception that people who are blind have superior hearing). - more Beauchamp vid examples - the Ppt already embedded on the semioditic blog, v useful illustrations/breakdown - Wiki which also cites 'supercrip'

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